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I Need Training

Oxygen providers require training on oxygen from a variety of sources: Accreditation, FDA, DOT and OSHA.  

The training can either be done in-house by  qualified personnel or by training provided by a qualified consultant. (Our training at Applied is created and provided by qualified consultants, and your certificate of training comes with a statement of qualifications.)

The training should be documented and the qualifications of the instructor documented, too. 

To learn more about the training Applied provides, click here. 

Below you'll see a breakdown of what you need for training by agency. 

Agency When? Who?

What Training Aids?

FDA "on a frequent and continuing basis." This has been interpreted to mean twice a year.

For Fillers:

Anyone who can effect the purity of the oxygen.  For example: Fillers, Driver, Quality Control Unit, Warehouse Personnel

Choose any of the following to meet FDA Training requirements. Take any 2 of the following throughout the year.

Online Classes:

  1. Filling 101*
  2. Oxygen 101*
  3. FDA Audits Seminar
  4. Servomex 5200 Online Course *
  5. Liquid 101*
  6. Batch Production Records
  7. Oxygen Competency
  8. Servomex 575/572/570A
  9. OF-1500 Gas to Gas
  10. OF-1550 Liquid to Gas

* Classes are bundled together in our OF-5000F subscription course.

DOT At least every 3 years, and within 90 days of start of employment for new employees.

For Fillers & Providers:

All drivers, loaders, people in charge of oxygen cylinders for ANY amount of oxygen delivered. (1 cylinder to over 1,001lbs)

Online Classes:

Classes All 3 required:

  1. Oxygen 101
  2. Delivery 101
  3. Hazmat Security Awareness

Or, purchase a subscription to all three online with OF-5000D

Accreditation Annually, or according to your accrediting body. 

For Fillers & Providers: 

Anyone who would talk to or come in contact with a patient. 

Oxygen 101


Oxygen Competency