OxyGo Launches OxyGo SLEEP: A Full Sleep Line with Web Based Provider Portal

Nov 28, 2022

Orlando, FL: Applied's sister company, OxyGo, a leader in the portable oxygen concentrator market announced the launch of their new sleep line, complete with a web-based compliance program that allows providers to easily manage their OxyGo CPAP patients.

OxyGo SLEEP offers a full line of sleep products including CPAP and BPAP, travel batteries, sanitizers, accessories, and a new web-based compliance portal for managing patient’s devices. The CLOUD provider portal gives providers secure web access to manage and monitor patient data. Providers will also have the ability to share data and statistics with physicians and other healthcare professionals.

The new portal will work with any current OxyGo CPAP and BPAP models via card-to-cloud and will also connect with the newly launched 2nd generation WIFI models now available.

“Launching a portal that will allow providers to communicate stats and share data with other healthcare professionals is key to making the user experience better for both sleep providers and patients. We are very excited to be adding this sleep line to our award-winning products and services,” says Duane King, Director of Sales.

OxyGo and Applied Home Healthcare Equipment produce ambulatory oxygen solutions with DME companies in mind. Both are known for their amazing customer service, sales, and marketing support. Applied has been long trusted by providers for oxygen refilling, technical and regulatory support, while OxyGo POCs have been independently rated as the industry's best year after year.

To learn more about OxyGo SLEEP and training options for the new CLOUD portal, visit oxygosleep.com.


For questions, contact Laura Frederick, Marketing Coordinator at marketing@oxygo.life.

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