OxySafe Provider Survey

    We are conducting a short survey among senior decision makers in HMEs to gain a better understanding of home oxygen safety. By taking part, you'll be helping make patients safer, and in return for your support we'll give you exclusive access to the key findings.

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    MAMES 2021

    Join Applied and OxyGo at this year's MAMES Virtual Conference and Tradeshow - "Forward Together!"

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    Introducing ConservOx!

    ConservOx is one of the smallest and lightest oxygen conservers on the market today. Reduce cylinder deliveries and operating costs with this single control and ergonomically designed T-Handle/Hand Tight nut making ConservOx easy-to-use for anyone!

    NEW! COVID Killer

    Are you using the right disinfectant?

    Proper disinfection is critical during the pandemic.  Many cleaners contain chemicals that are hazardous to cylinders and medical devices.  Practice safe, effective disinfection with OxyGo's NEW EPA registered and approved, all natural disinfectant.

    Get MORE from Your Oxygen Business

    New revenue, savings and profits from transfilling oxygen. Be your own supplier with Applied’s transfilling equipment and easy on-site installation and training that makes compliance easy.

    COVID-19 Provider Resources

    The situation is evolving rapidly, and we update our processes to meet the best standards as they develop. Please click below for FAQ’s, helpful websites, and all things related to COVID-19.

Latest News

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