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I Deliver Oxygen

Applied Delivery TechnicianGet Compliant with the DOT for Oxygen Delivery: How Do You Do On Our Mini-Audit?

1.  When transporting 1,001 or more lbs of oxygen (including the weight of the cylinders and/or cryogenic vessels) placards are required on all four sides of the vehicle, for oxygen vehicles, green non-flammable gas placards or yellow oxygen diamond placards are required.

See placards from Applied-choose from Placard Sets, Flip Style, and All Oxygen Placards (OF-1220, OF-1243, 0800-1245).

2.  All drivers and anyone handling, storing, filling oxygen, or supervising such operations are required to have qualified, documented training on a regular and routine basis (minimum
2x per year). Training for employees is required within the scope of their job and includes HazMat training.

Try Applied’s popular cGMP and Driver & Delivery Technician Training Course (1199- 1023D, OF-1200), or you can attend one of our regional seminars and Applied University Online Courses (HazMat Security Awareness, OF-113). We have over 30 different training options to keep you compliant with the FDA, DOT and accreditation agencies in 2013!

3.  Any vehicle delivering oxygen or any other medical gas (in any amount) is required to have emergency response information in the vehicle. The North American Emergency Response Guide should be kept inside the vehicle, and drivers must also be trained on how to use the NAERG book.

Look for the little orange book featured on this page (OF-1231). Applied also offers NAERG Guidebook training (OF-1232).