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Applied Employee“When we purchased our Oxygen Transfill system from Applied, they set up the equipment, trained our employees and certified them  on-site. Then, within four months of using the transfilling system, we had a power outage in our service area that lasted a week. Our transfill station – and the training we received – saved us”

-Ken B.

“We purchased a layered van rack from Applied. Shortly after it was installed, our tech was on a gravel road and came upon a washout at 55 mph, losing control of the truck which had 12 E tanks on board. The truck was destroyed and our tech had minor injuries — but the rack did its job and held the tanks in their place. We’re glad we had it!” 

- Mike K.

“I just opened my copy of Applied Inside, and was reminded of your spectacularly speedy help getting our FDA certification ironed out. Indeed a special thanks is in order. That was just one less thing for me to worry about at a very hectic time. I am happy with the knowledge that we’re in the pink for this year!” 

- Chick T.