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Oxygen Adhesive Placard

Item # 1500-0001

Oxygen Adhesive Placard, measures 10.75" x 10.75"

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Oxygen Adhesive Placard, measures 10.75" x 10.75"

When Should You Use A Placard?

If  you are delivering 1001lbs or more ( the weight of  the hazardous material and the container)

Where should you placard?

Placarding is required on all 4 sides of the vehicle  (one on each side, and each end) 49 CFR 172.504   

Which Placard should you use?

In the US, you can use the Oxygen placard if you are transporting  only oxygen 49 CFR 172.504 (f)(7) OR you can use the Non-Flammable Gas Placard.

when do I need to use un 1072 or un 1073 placards?

Technically, those "placards" are considered "markings." You only need to use those numbers (markings) when you are carrying 8,820 lbs or more.


Place a placard on all 4 sides of your delivery vehicle.

The Federal Law on placarding can be found here.

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