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OxyFill Wall Mounted Filling System: 10 Cylinder Supply

Item # OF-530

OxyFill fills from 10 supply cylinders- recommend for those who use 100 or less cylinders per week.     

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OxyFill fills from 10 supply cylinders- recommend for those who use 100 or less cylinders per week.

OxyFill can be  installed at your location as complete turn key systems including up-to-date documentation. Plus, leasing couldn’t be easier through applied’s leasing partners.

Each supply cylinder can yield 7 E or 14 M6 cylinders, approximately, and the system can fill about 20 cylinders in 40 minutes.

The system includes cylinder mounting hardware, connections, pigtails, and vacuum pump.(Filling cylinders can be rented from your gas supplier.)

How do I comply with all those FDA requirements?
FDA requirements are simple:  Essentially, you must register with the FDA annual (which we can do for you), follow your policy and procedure manual (which we have a form for you to customize) and calibrate some of your  equipment annually.

How do I pay for it?
Most companies receive very favorable financing from our leasing partners, with a 1 dollar buy out at the end of the term. 

How Do I Get Started?

Give us a call and we can make you a custome quote! 


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