Cylinder Requalification Policy Update

Dec 17, 2020

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Did you know the US Department of Transportation recently announced an update to cylinder requalification policy update due to the emergency response of COVID-19 and will be valid for the entirety of the emergency declaration? Due to the increased demands, many medical and industrial gas suppliers are having a difficult time supplying gases, such as oxygen, and consistently obtaining cylinders.  


Regular requalification of each cylinder is required at a 5 or 10 year interval. All cylinders must be inspected with appropriate Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cGMP’s, applicable with the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) pamphlet and meet all DOT requirements.  


The DOT has announced it will not take enforcement action against any person who fills a DOT specification cylinder used to transport Division 2.2 non-flammable gas provided that the cylinder meets all Hazardous Material Regulations except that the cylinder is overdue for requalification by no more than 12 months. This provides relief to businesses, especially those in the medical gas industry.  

This update effectively permits the use of Oxygen cylinders for up to 6 or 11 years before a cylinder requalification would be required. This order will remain effective until the public health emergency related to COVID-19 has ended.  


The following is a link to the bulletin published by the DOT. Cylinder Requalification Requirements 

For any questions related to this bulletin please reach out to Applied Home Healthcare Equipment at 888-327-7301 or       


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