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Month: October 2014

Go Ahead... Get Carried Away

By Kristen Cifranic
October 29, 2014 Category: Equipment

To prevent cylinders from being dropped, use carriers, bags, or carts when handling and moving cylinders, particularly multiple cylinders. Do not try to carry a large number of cylinders under your arms. One wrong move or trip can result in the cylinders being dropped and potentially damaged.

Demystifying Oxygen Filling: Gas to Gas

By Kristen Cifranic
October 22, 2014 Category: Oxygen, Equipment

If you are spending more than one dollar on your oxygen cylinders, you should be filling. If you fill 100 cylinders or less per week, then you should start off with a gas to gas filling system.

Shhhhh... Keep the Racket Down

By Kristen Cifranic
October 15, 2014 Category: Oxygen, Equipment

Applied Rattle Less carts and racks are covered with a proprietary coating that protects cylinders from damage and reduces noise.

Medtrade Fall 2014

By Kristen Cifranic
October 08, 2014 Category: Events, Oxygen

Visit us at Medtrade Fall, 2014, booth number 1527. Space is still available to attend our popular seminars on October 20th and 22nd.

Securing cylinders inside vehicles

By Kristen Cifranic
October 01, 2014 Category: Equipment, Regulatory Compliance

Cylinders need to be secured in racks to prevent moving, shifting or ejecting during normal transportation. For open vehicles, they must also be secured from upward movement.

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