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See you at Big Sky!

See you at Big Sky!

Posted By Laura Frederick
August 03, 2021 Category: General

Applied and OxyGo are now members of Big Sky

Using Carriers, Bags or Carts When Handling Cylinders

Using Carriers, Bags or Carts When Handling Cylinders

Posted By Laura Frederick
October 28, 2020 Category: General

Drivers, respiratory therapists, warehouse personnel, and others who handle compressed gas cylinders should do so using the proper equipment to ensure safe movement of the

Start Getting MORE from Your Oxygen Business

Start Getting MORE from Your Oxygen Business

Posted By Laura Frederick
September 09, 2020 Category: General

Start getting more from you oxygen business with Applied's liquid to gas and gas to gas

Cut Your Oxygen Costs

Cut Your Oxygen Costs

Posted By Brittany Fichter
May 20, 2020 Category: General

Applied recognizes that the last several years have caused DME companies to make many changes in the way they do business. Market conditions have caused DME companies to look for more efficiency in their operations and try to reduce costs. Applied wants to help you. Refilling your own oxygen cylinders is a sure-fire way to cut your costs. By purchasing oxygen in bulk to transfill using either a gas to gas or liquid to gas oxygen refilling system per cylinder oxygen costs can be reduced by as much as 90%, sometimes more. Simply contact Applied and speak with one of our many professionals who offer years of experience in helping DME companies save money and reduce costs by designing an oxygen refilling program that fits your company needs and budget and show you how much you can really save by filling your own oxygen cylinders. Provide Applied with the number of cylinders that you have refilled each week and what you pay to have them filled and we will design a system for you.  We are so confident that we can cut your oxygen costs—we guarantee that we can help reduce your per cylinder oxygen cost by at least 25%.  Lease to own with Applied's leasing partners. Just ask us for

Are You Meeting Pre-Fill Requirements?

Are You Meeting Pre Fill Requirements

Posted By Laura Frederick
April 07, 2020 Category: General

When filling medical oxygen cylinders it is critically important now more than ever to perform pre-fill odor testing as part of the required nine (9) pre-fill checks.  We wanted clarify and stress the importance of the absolute safety and regulatory requirement of pre-fill odor testing every medical oxygen and air cylinder prior to filling.    The latest USP 99 monograph dropped the requirement for post filling odor testing, however we strongly recommend continuing to perform the post odor testing as well.  Please review the pre-fill steps below and ensure you are following this cGMP requirement. Pre-Fill Inspection  Verify hydrostatic test date is current Aluminum cylinders must be within 5 years Steel cylinders must be within 10 years if star is present Verify correct cylinder color In United States oxygen color is green In Canada and many other countries oxygen color is white Perform hammer test on steel cylinder only.  Aluminum cylinders are exempt. Strike outside of cylinder with a hammer and listen for ringing or bell sound Perform visual inspection of the cylinder body Ensure no external damage or any type of residue on the cylinder Perform visual inspection of the cylinder valve Ensure no external damage or any type of residue on the valve Perform a label examination Ensure a product label exists and that it is not damaged If damaged or unreadab

Oxygen EXPO2 2020- The Next Tech in Ambulatory Oxygen

Oxygen EXPO2 2020  The Next Tech in Ambulatory Oxygen

Posted By Brittany Fichter
December 13, 2019 Category: General

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 13, 2019   OxyGo Announces Oxygen EXPO2 2020- The Next Tech in Ambulatory Oxygen   Orlando, FL – (December 13, 2019) – OxyGo, a company noted for providing high quality home healthcare oxygen products, announced that it will host its first Oxygen Expo.  The Expo will have sessions hosted by experts focused on the future of respiratory in the home health industry.     The 2020 Oxygen EXPO2 will be held January 21st at the OxyGo in Orlando, Fl. “The Oxygen EXPO2 will present the best of what is new and next in the industry.  Our 2020 expo will showcase a product mix of incredible depth and diversity spanning the oxygen and technology spectrum.” says Victoria Marquard-Schultz, CEO of OxyGo. Innovations, introductions, ideations and discoveries will abound at the Oxygen EXPO2.  The 2020 Show will feature sessions led by industry experts.  Each session will range from one to two hours and will aim to deliver solutions to some of the industry’s most pressing challenges and exciting opportunities.   This year, the Oxygen EXPO2 will feature a keynote presentation by Franck Rahaghi, MD, MH, FCCP, Director of Respiratory Care at Cleveland Clinic Florida Hospital and Clinic.  The presentation will focus on advances in pulmonary medicine.  Other presentations will include experts speaking on how to find your assets and revenue in a connected DME market, h

Traveling with OxyGo NEXT

Traveling with OxyGo NEXT

Posted By Brittany Fichter
November 19, 2019 Category: General

Traveling with OxyGo NEXT   OxyGo NEXT uses the latest state-of-the-art technologies to make traveling with your portable oxygen concentrator easier than ever.  OxyGo NEXT has user-replaceable batteries, sieve beds and an easy to read LCD display with simple controls.  This makes travel a breeze whether in car, train, cruise ship or on a plane!    Traveling with OxyGo NEXT is straightforward and simple.  One reason is it so easy to travel with is because it meets all the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements for use onboard an airline.   Tip: Check with Your Airline Before Your Flight   It is important to note that all airlines have their own requirements when it comes to traveling with a POC.  Prior to travel, you should check the website of the airline you are using, whether it's a large carrier or a small regional airline.  On their website they will have a section on traveling with medical equipment.  There you can find the forms you will need to prepare before your travels.  This usually includes release forms from your physician for a prescription.   Make Sure to Have Extra Batteries   Generally, airlines require that you have 1 ½ times as much battery life as the length of the trip. With the OxyGo NEXT that's no worry!  The extended battery life and effortless battery removal to switch to another battery means you can easily meet this

What is NPT?

What is NPT

Posted By Victoria Marquard-Schultz
June 11, 2014 Category: General

the different between 1/2\\\\\" and 1/4\\\\\" NPT for medical oxygen industry

Introducing Applied Care Plus

Introducing Applied Care Plus

Posted By Kristen Cifranic
April 11, 2014 Category: General

OF-700 service plan, Andonian, HP-40, transfilling tech help

Updated 2014 Applied Regional Seminars FAQ

Updated 2014 Applied Regional Seminars FAQ

Posted By Victoria Marquard-Schultz
February 27, 2014 Category: General

Applied has created a full day seminar covering how to handle, transport and fill oxygen- as well as other accreditation topics to help home care providers keep up with changing regulatory and technical

Applied Training FAQs

Applied Training FAQs

Posted By Victoria Marquard-Schultz
January 15, 2014 Category: General

Applied Training Frequently Asked Questions for online classes, training workbooks and live seminars.

Applieds Live Regional Seminar FAQs

Applieds Live Regional Seminar FAQs

Posted By Victoria Marquard-Schultz
January 13, 2014 Category: General

Frequently asked questions about Applied\'s Live Regional Seminars, including why they are needed, who should take them, what they cover and

Maintaining Your Oxygen Equipment: 3 Easy Steps

Maintaining Your Oxygen Equipment: 3 Easy Steps

Posted By Kristen Cifranic
November 20, 2013 Category: General

Maintaining your oxygen equipment: 3 easy steps includes gauges and thermometers, Servomex, pigtails and

Free Sample Of American Made CPAP Tubing

Free Sample Of American Made CPAP Tubing

Posted By Victoria Marquard-Schultz
November 20, 2013 Category: General

Free Sample of American Made CPAP tubing! Applieds CPAP tubing is affordable, FDA compliant and made in the USA

Are you correctly using lot stickers?

Are you correctly using lot stickers

Posted By Kristen Cifranic
November 06, 2013 Category: General

According to the CGMPs, each manifold filling sequence, each uninterrupted filling sequence, every cryogenic vessel filled, and each storage tank following a delivery is considered a new lot and is required to be assigned a new lot number. For firms filling liquid oxygen for delivery to home patients, each of the large cryogenic vessels or dewars either portable or permanently mounted in a van or a truck are required to be assigned a unique lot number. The assigning of a single lot number for an entire day's production is not acceptable.  A manufacturing operation, such as the filling of high pressure cylinders on a multi-outlet manifold, is governed by a set of manufacturing procedures or conditions. When these procedures are performed from the beginning to the end of a process they provide assurance that the batch is uniform and consistent.  As such, each batch is in itself a separate entity with its filling operations unique to that filling sequence. At the present time, cryogenic home vessels filled at a patient’s home, i.e., curbside are not required to bear a lot number.  However, cryogenic home vessels filled on site and stored for future delivery, or cryogenic home vessels filled by a third party, require lot numbers. Click here to see Applied's lot

Who needs training?

Who needs training

Posted By Kristen Cifranic
September 25, 2013 Category: General

In any manufacturing operation involving human manipulation there are hazards which may be created by preoccupation, mental lapse, carelessness and the like.  Therefore, all on-the-job and CGMP training should be revisited at frequent intervals and needs to be conducted by qualified individuals. A firm is expected to establish detailed written procedures (training program) outlining the specific areas of the firm’s operation to be covered.  On-the-job training is acceptable, as long as the training is conducted by a qualified individual on a frequent basis. Any employee involved in the manufacturing, filling, processing, handling, holding, or shipping of a medical drug is required to be trained both on-the-job and in the current good manufacturing practices.  This would include all delivery and/or truck drivers who deliver medical drug products. The lack of CGMP training is one of the most overlooked areas observed at most medical gas firms.  CGMP training should be conducted by qualified individuals on a continuing basis and with sufficient frequency to assure that employees remain familiar with CGMP requirements that are applicable to their function.  Conducting CGMP training once a year is not recommended, but instead should be presented in smaller more manageable portions, presented throughout the year with documentation* of the type, time, and attendance of each session. Applied offers CGMP training books and online classes to help get

What Cleaner Should I Use For My DME?

What Cleaner Should I Use For My DME

Posted By Victoria Marquard-Schultz
September 18, 2013 Category: General

What Cleaner to Use for Oxygen Durable Medical Equipment and Medical Oxygen Cylinders

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