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OxyCare Advantage Instant Patient Financing

OxyCare Advantage Instant Patient Financing

Posted By Erin Clark
May 11, 2017 Category: Financing, OxyGo

Introducing OxyCare Advantage: Patient Financing to Increase Cash Sales! It has become apparent that a DME supplier can no longer survive while being dependent on Medicare for fee-for-service. With competitive bidding, stringent documentation requirements, lower reimbursement, post-payment audits, tightening Medicare purse strings—Medicare fee-for-service should only be a component of the supplier’s total income stream. There are 78 million baby boomers (people born between 1946 and 1964); they are retiring at a rate of 10,000 per day and are accustomed to paying for things out-of-pocket. The successful DME will be focused on selling upgrades and selling items for cash.     To help providers in this changing market, and to allow patients access to the best POC in the market, OxyGo is proud to introduce OxyCare Advantage™. OxyCare Advantage is a revolutionary patient financing program for the Home Healthcare Market: Patients can own their equipment with monthly payments, and Providers can get the cash for the equipment immediately! OxyCare Advantage has partnered with a leading financing company to bring providers a consumer level financing experience for enhancing patient cash sales.   Our surveys show that thousands of POC cash purchases are foregone due to lack of availability of patient payment plans, OxyCare Advantage projects that POC sales will increase by 20% for Providers offering the program.   What is OxyCare Advantag

Spring 2017 Medtrade Recap

Spring 2017 Medtrade Recap

Posted By Erin Clark
May 11, 2017 Category: Events, Industry News

The 2017 Spring Medtrade took place at the Las Vegas Mandalay Convention Center February 28 - March 1. While the overall DME attendance seemed smaller than in past years, many exhibitors were extremely pleased at the quality of the attendance and found their booths packed, especially on the opening Tuesday of the Expo. The pavilion featured some of the most innovative HME products that have been on the market for less than one year. Jon Schultz, sales director for OxyGo® POCs and Applied Companies, reported very high interest in his company’s new OxyGo FIT™ lightweight POC and other oxygen products. “We had two booths for the first time ever and both were extremely well attended. We were very, very pleased. The first day of the show we could have used even more space to field all the inquiries we had,” Schultz said.   When not on the show floor, attendees were able to benefit from multiple educational conference sessions on audits, business operations, competitive bidding,executive education, legal guidelines for operating their businesses, Medicare updates, retail, plus and sales and marketing.   One of the topics most often discussed was the urgent need to aggressively move into the retail market. This is because, as the conference description for a Tuesday afternoon session entitled “Keeping it Legal” so accurately pointed out: “A DME supplier can no longer survive while being dependent on Medicare for

Upcoming FDA, DOT and Accreditation Seminars

Upcoming FDA, DOT and Accreditation Seminars

Posted By Erin Clark
May 11, 2017 Category: Events, Training Education

Don't forget to sign up for our upcoming FDA, DOT & Accreditation seminars. There are still quite a few left, and coming to a city near you! These full day seminars fufill training requirements for FDA, DOT and Accreditation for oxygen fillers and providers! At each seminar, you will learn the latest on: Oxygen Safety Oxygen Handling DOT Driver Requirements DOT Vehicle Requirements Required HazMat Safety Awareness Training How to Follow cGMP to Fill Oxygen What To Do If You Are Under Inspection How to Fill Out Required Paperwork See below for the remaining dates, and click here to register! Date City Location Early Bird Registration Tuesday, August 22, 9:00am-3:00pm Seattle, WA Courtyard Seattle Southcenter 400 Andover Park West Tukwila, WA 98188 July 22 Tuesday, September 12 9:00am-3:00pm Kansas City, MO Kansas City Airport Marriott 775 Brasilia Avenue Kansas City, MO 64153 August 12 Tuesday, October 4 9:00am-3:00pm Oklahoma City, OK DoubleTree by Hilton Oklahoma City Airport 4410 SW 19th Street Oklahoma City, OK 73108 September 2 Monday, October 23 9:00am-3:00pm Atlanta, GA Omni Hotel at CNN Center 100 CNN Center NW Atlanta, GA 30303 September 30 Tuesday, November 14 9:00am-3:00pm Cleveland, OH Applied Home Healthcare Equipment 28825 Ranney Pkwy Westlake, OH

FAA-Compliant OxyGo Takes to the Skies

FAA Compliant OxyGo Takes to the Skies

Posted By Erin Clark
May 11, 2017 Category: OxyGo

Are air travel logistics with your POC a source of anxiety? OxyGo and OxyGo FIT are FAA-Compliant portable oxygen solutions!   On August 23, 2016, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) made a rule change that streamlined the process of approving portable oxygen concentrators (POCs). Rather than continuing to approve POCs on a case-by-case basis, the FAA has established acceptance criteria for POCs used on aircraft. Each compliant POC needs to have a label from the manufacturer identifying it as adhering to this critera. We're happy to announce that our OxyGo and OxyGo Fit is FAA-compliant, and bears the necessary labeling on the back of the device.   OxyGo FIT keeps going—and helps you soar to new heights! Additional Resources:  FAA Website Advisory Circular 120-95A - Portable Oxygen Concentrators Document Information Official FAA

Changing Oxygen Delivery Methods Equal Profit Potential for DMEs

Changing Oxygen Delivery Methods Equal Profit Potential for DMEs

Posted By Erin Clark
May 11, 2017 Category: OxyGo, Industry News, Business

Jason Flanigan, Applied Home HealthCare’s national accounts manager, has seen the future and it is loaded with high profit potential for DME’s and HME’s that ride the wave of change taking place in oxygen delivery methods. “The way to survive the future with oxygen is to get as many of your patients off cylinder delivery as you can,” says Jason. “The market is changing in favor of POCs because POCs are what patients want and POC’s such as OxyGo® make so much more economic sense in today’s competitive and regulatory environment.”   Looking at it from voice of the doctor and the patient, Jason points out that availability and quality is the key. Medicare reimbursement numbers show a clear growing trend toward the use of POC’s. Doctors want to know that the DME they recommend can take care of their oxygen recommendations and carry the POC products their patients need and the brands they request. Patients are demanding high quality products because they are seeing their co-pays rise and DME’s are making more cash sales because of insurance changes.   Jason sees a large opportunity for DME’s to grow their business right now by taking advantage for the top requested POCs, selling them for cash, and using the top quality models to phase in a non-delivery plan. This can be done, Jason says, by putting POC’s on heavy oxygen tank users at first. Then DME’s should offer POCs exclusive

Patient Stories: How OxyGo Restores Independence

Patient Stories: How OxyGo Restores Independence

Posted By Erin Clark
May 11, 2017 Category: OxyGo, Business

For Cathy Work, a happy-go-lucky grandmother and resident of Sandusky, Ohio, life changed for the better when she found out about OxyGo® POCs. A small OxyGo POC gave her back a sense of independence and the opportunity to once again live a happy and meaningful life. When health issues related to scarred lungs forced Cathy to be put on continuous flow oxygen in her home, her life changed. Used to coming and going as she pleased, the restrictions of being tethered to oxygen tanks 24/7 sent her spiraling into a hurtful depression. It tested her will power and those of the loving family around her. We interviewed Cathy and her daughter Angela about their experience. Click below to view their interviews and hear their wonderful stories in their own

OxyGo has a new Five-Year Warranty!

OxyGo has a new Five Year Warranty!

Posted By Erin Clark
May 10, 2017 Category: OxyGo

Did you know that the warranty for our popular 5-setting OxyGo has changed from three years to five? We are confident in extending our warranty due in large part to the reliability and quality of our 5-setting OxyGo POC.   As you know, OxyGo POCs are the most reliable in our industry with a return rate for all causes of less than 1.7%. And going forward, your 5-setting OxyGo will not only provide most capable, reliable, quality, quiet, and patient-demanded POC in the market, it now has a five-year warranty—meaning that now your customers have even more reasons to use OxyGo for all their POC needs!    Please note that this new warranty only applies to the 5-setting OxyGo. The OxyGo Fit will remain with the current 3-1-1 warranty. OxyGo sieve bed and battery warranties will remain at one year. The new five-year warranty is effective only with 5-setting OxyGo POCs shipped on or after April 3rd, 2017 and does not apply to units previously sold (i.e., the new five-year warranty on the unit is not retroactive).   Learn more about the benefits of being an OxyGo provider here or contact us at or

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