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Month: January 2014

NEW OSHA Requirements For Oxygen Cylinder Labels

January 29, 2014 by Kristen Ci

OSHA, FDA and DOT haveguidelines developed forprecautionary labels for use onoxygen cylinders and cryogenicvessels. These are to be used toidentify the contents, warning ofprincipal physical and healthhazards, and providing appropriateprecautionary information.It is the responsibility of the company(s)that fills, stores, delivers, handles anduses the gas to ensure that the labelcomplies with applicable governmentregulations. Heres a break down of whats required - by regulatory agency. OSHA: The Newest Changes OSHA has adopted GHS.GHS, or Globally Harmonized System of Classification of Labeling of Chemicals, is a system used world wide to standardize the labeling and safety data sheets (SDS) for chemicals. Because there are so many chemicals and hazardous substances used world wide, GHS is used to make everyone safer by creating a universal system. The GHS is not a regulatory body in and of itself, but rather a set of standards that regulatory bodies can adopt to create a uniform

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Make money despite competitive bidding

January 22, 2014 by Kristen Ci

Make money despite competitive bidding Everyone knows that the DME market has become much more challenging over the last several years with reimbursement reductions, competitive bidding being implemented, increased audits and regulations by regulatory agencies, along with other factors such as a nationwide recession. These factors have made it more difficult to remain profitable for many DME companies. The following are some suggestions that can help you save money. Consider refilling your own oxygen cylinders. By investing in a transfilling system you can then purchase oxygen in bulk from a supplier rather than having the supplier fill all of your individual cylinders. This can usually provide you with at least a 50% cost savings and often can be as much as a 100% reduction in your cost of oxygen. You also wont need as many cylinders as part of your inventory. There are many transaction cost savings that can be gained when transfilling. Train customers to change their habits. The traditional

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Applied Training FAQs

January 15, 2014 by Victoria Marquard

Who Needs Training and When? The FDA requires training on a frequent and continuing basis, usually interpreted to be about twice a year. The Quality Control Unit, and all Oxygen Transfilling Personnel should have proper FDA training for their jobs. Drivers need training as a requirement for FDA if they fill from a transfill system or if they fill liquid to liquid curbside. The DOT requires drivers to have training at least every 3 years, and within 90 days of employment for new employees. What Training Does Each Employee Need? Click here for a break down of by personnel. What Training Do You Offer? We offer Oxygen Safety Training, FDA cGMP Training, DOT HazMat Training and OSHA Training. Applieds experts have over 50 years of compressed gas experience. How Can I Get Training? Applied offers online classes, live seminars, traditional training workbooks and tools for in house trainers. How Often Do I Need Training? FDA requires training on a continuing and frequent basis, which

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Applieds Live Regional Seminar FAQs

January 13, 2014 by Victoria Marquard

Why is this Seminar Required? Applieds live regional seminar covers topics of training that are required by Accreditation agencies, the US Department of Transportation and the US Food and Drug Administration. Each agency has certain topics that are required to be studied at certain intervals, and this seminar is designed to meet those requirements. Who Should Take This Seminar? We recommend that managers, quality control personnel, supervisors, compliance personnel, fillers and delivery drivers. What is Covered in the Seminar? * Oxygen Safety * Oxygen Handling * DOT Driver Requirements * DOT Vehicle Requirements * Required HazMat Safety Awareness Training * How to Follow cGMP to Fill Oxygen * What To Do If You Are Under Inspection * How to Fill Out Required Paperwork I Am Not A Filler, Is This Seminar For Me? Yes! The seminar covers accreditation and DOT requirements, and the FDA portion will help you understand your suppliers oxygen requirements better. How Long

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Always use carriers, bags or carts when handling cylinders

January 08, 2014 by Kristen Ci

Drivers, respiratory therapists, warehouse personnel, and others who handle compressed gas cylinders should do so using the proper equipment to ensure safe movement of the cylinders. Compressed gas cylinders are pressure vessels that are capable of becoming propelled objects (think rockets!) if the contents are suddenly exhausted, either by mishap or accident. The rapid discharge of gas can happen if the cylinders are dropped and either the valve or other part of the cylinder becomes damaged or broken. If a cylinder is dropped and takes off, it can cause injury, property damage or worse. To prevent cylinders from being dropped, use carriers, bags, or carts when handling and moving cylinders, particularly multiple cylinders. Do not try to carry a large number of cylinders under your arms. One wrong move or trip can result in the cylinders being dropped and potentially damaged. Carriers can be constructed of several types of materials. The durability of the carrier is often reflected in

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CPAP: Maximizing Patient Outcomes and Profits

January 08, 2014 by Kristen Ci

A compliant PAP patient is a happy PAP patient, and as many in the homecare industry know, reimbursement is heavily related to compliance. Two easy ways to help boost compliance rates are to ensure a proper mask fit, and replace masks, filters and tubes as often as possible. Ensuring a good fit The mask is everything. If a mask is uncomfortable, leaks or otherwise ill fitting, the patient will not use the CPAPmachine. Some tips for fitting are to ensure the machine is set to the prescribed flow during fitting, as the change in pressure can change fit. Furthermore, its wise to have the patient lie down and move in their common sleep positions. Youll be able to better anticipate any issues or problems. Masks should be snug enough to prevent leaks, but not so snug as to leave marks on the patients face. Replace Equipment Often If providers replace the masks and tubing as often as is allowed by reimbursement schedules, not only can providers earn more yearly revenue than from the

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Why should I transfill? It will increase your profits

January 02, 2014 by Kristen Ci

In todays DME environment in which reimbursement dollars have been reduced due to many factors, cutting costs has become as important as the number of patients that you serve. When looking for ways to cut costs one of the easiest ways is to fill your own oxygen cylinders. Then when you realize that there are many other advantages to refilling your own oxygen cylinders it becomes a project that no DME should ignore. What are the advantages to refilling your own oxygen cylinders? Reduce your oxygen cost by 50 100% by buying oxygen in bulk. Reduce the frequency of purchasing cylinders. By transfilling you dont need the cylinders that used to be at your supplier being filled, because theyre being filled in-house. Reduce the number of cylinders in your inventory. Because of the reason listed above your inventory of cylinders doesnt need to be as large when filling in-house. Reduce your dependence upon a supplier. Have 24/7 availability of oxygen. Even in a crisis situation

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