Applieds Live Regional Seminar FAQs

Jan 13, 2014

Why is this Seminar Required?

Applied's live regional seminar covers topics of training that are required by Accreditation agencies, the US Department of Transportation and the US Food and Drug Administration. Each agency has certain topics that are required to be studied at certain intervals, and this seminar is designed to meet those requirements.

Who Should Take This Seminar?

We recommend that managers, quality control personnel, supervisors, compliance personnel, fillers and delivery drivers.

What is Covered in the Seminar?

   * Oxygen Safety

   * Oxygen Handling

   * DOT Driver Requirements

   * DOT Vehicle Requirements

   * Required HazMat Safety Awareness Training

   * How to Follow cGMP to Fill Oxygen

   * What To Do If You Are Under Inspection

   * How to Fill Out Required Paperwork

I Am Not A Filler, Is This Seminar For Me?

Yes! The seminar covers accreditation and DOT requirements, and the FDA portion will help you understand your supplier's oxygen requirements better. 

How Long is the Seminar?

The seminar runs from 9 am to 4pm, with a morning break, lunch break and afternoon break. Instruction usually finishes around 3pm, and the final exam is given and graded in class.

What Do I Do About Lunch?

Lunch is provided! Lunch break is typically from 12-1 and is catered.

Can I Teach Others Once I Take This Seminar?

Yes! This seminar is designed to give you the information to be able to come back to your business and teach others proper DOT, FDA and Accreditaiton procedures!


What Happens If I Need to Cancel?

If you need cancel, please do so in writing within 10 days of the seminar to receive credit. If you need to cancel less than 10 days out from the seminar, you will be given access to online materials that cover the material. Unfortunately, due to advance class room expenses, we will not be able to refund your registration fee.


What Happens If You Cancel the Seminar?

Applied may cancel the seminar for two reasons: First, if there are not enough participants and second in the event of natural disasters or other emergencies.

If we have to cancel due to lack of attendance, you will be given the option to take the course online or receive a refund for your registration fee.

If we have to cancel due to natural disaster or emergency, we will contact you on the phone number you provided and give you details on how we will make up the seminar. Depending on the scenario, we may re-schedule the seminar or offer it online.


Is There an Online Version of this Seminar?

You can learn the same content online by taking our subscription classes, OF-5000D and OF-5000F.





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