Introducing Applied Care Plus

Apr 11, 2014

Applied Home Healthcare Equipment Introduces Applied Care Plus!

With Applied Care Plus you get unlimited phone access to our technical experts, free calibrated equipment, free replacement parts* and deep discounts for on-site visits, major repairs and more!**

Applied Care Plus Service Contract Includes:

  • Replacement Calibrated Digital Thermometer automatically delivered.Applied Care Plus Seal
  • Replacement Calibrated High Pressure Gauges automatically delivered
  • Replacement Calibrated Vacuum Gauges automatically delivered
  • Replacement Top Pump Seals, vacuum pump filter, cryo valves, rollers, lubricants and more (as necessary)
  • Discount on non-wear replacement parts
  • Yearly Site Visit Discount 
  • Service Call Preference
  • Unlimited Service Calls
*After speaking with our service tech, needed replacement parts will be sent to you free of charge, freight not included.
**Site visits discounted by 50%, other repair parts 10%.


Why has Applied unveiled the new Applied Care Plus Program?

Simple: because you asked for it! We have always been a resource for your technical information, and we enjoy doing that, however you asked for something more. Faster response time, more detailed interaction with service techs, and included repair parts. Now we have you covered on all fronts and you never have to worry about downtime again.

So how does it work?

Call into our dedicated tech line, provide your service contract number and get answers from our technicians! Our technician will make your call a priority, give you the technical service advice you need to get up and running, and even provide parts if needed. 

How does this save me money?

Because wear parts are included, and some automatically delivered, your upkeep and service costs are fixed, so it’s much easier to budget for the year. The total value of the wear parts, service calls and the discounted site visit is over $4000. Your return on investment can potentially be double!

How do I sign up?

Call us or order Applied Care Plus Service Plan online! When you order we will give you a service contract number to reference for priority assistance when you call in. We will also set up a date to send you your calibrated equipment automatically.



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