Hurricane Season: Are your Patients Prepared?

Aug 29, 2019

Hurricane Season


Hurricane Season is here - are you and your patients prepared?



• Hurricane season in the Southeastern United States runs from June 1 through November 30, but peaks from mid-late August through September

• Hurricanes can cause massive damage to roadways, which makes it very hard to access patients

• Power outages can cause patients to not be able to charge important medical devices such as their POC's

With power outages being a common occurrence during hurricanes many patients have no way to charge medical devices.  Ensuring the patients have a way to change their POC's battery and having extra battery life can help tremendously during such stressful times.

We have assembled the following kits for those in hurricane paths to be able to provide to a patient.

Please see the kits below for all of the members of the OxyGo family to help your patients keep going!  We have also included a checklist to make sure patients are as prepared as they can be.

Click here to download our one page checklist for patient preparedness.


OxyGo FIT Hurricane Bundle
PN: H-OFR-2000-KIT

 OxyGo FIT 4.5 hour battery*
• OxyGo FIT External Battery Charger
• OxyGo FIT DC Power Supply
• OxyGo FIT AC Power Supply


OxyGo Hurricane Bundle 
PN: H-OFR-1000-KIT


• OxyGo 10 hour battery*

• OxyGo External Battery Charger

• DC Power Supply

• AC Power Supply

OxyGo NEXT Hurricane Bundle 
PN: H-OFR-3000-KIT

 OxyGo NEXT 13 hour battery*
• OxyGo NEXT External Battery Charger
• OxyGo NEXT DC Power Supply
• OxyGo NEXT AC Power Supply


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