NEW OxyGo Warranties Reduce Your POC Cost

NEW! OxyGo™ Warranties Make the Oxygen “Non-Delivery” Model Even MORE Attractive!

The new OxyGo warranty programs reduce cost of ownership AND protect your investment of the most popular POC in the home healthcare market. Just order the warranty or warranties that fit your oxygen business best when you order OxyGo. See our website and click "warranties" for FULL details.

How the “Oxygen Non-delivery Model” can work for you!

Everyone has probably heard about saving money and increasing profits with your oxygen business by reducing or eliminating delivering oxygen tanks and / or cryogenic vessels. Every delivery you make costs you in terms of labor and truck expenses as much or more than $50.00 each. With competitive bidding, you know you must control and reduce expenses.
Here's how:

  • EXPAND YOUR SERVICE AREA: This sounds a little counter-intuitive, however by using the combination of OxyGo POC and stationary oxygen concentrator (SOC), you can expand your service area. Basically, you won’t be delivering tanks or filling cryogenic vessels every week because the combination of OxyGo POC and SOC serve all the oxygen patient’s needs.
  • START BY USING OXYGO POCs: You can start reducing oxygen deliveries by buying or leasing OxyGO POCs and putting them out with ambulatory oxygen patients with the longest radius of delivery time and / or distance. For example if an ambulatory oxygen patient is 25 miles away or takes 40 minutes to drive to one way (80 minutes round trip), put them on an OxyGo POC and eliminate the time and travel to deliver tanks.
  • DON’T WORRY ABOUT BACK-UP OXYGEN: If the power goes down, OxyGo will provide oxygen for four hours or more with the standard battery. If power is still down or the SOC is down, just plug OxyGo into their car cigarette lighter for oxygen while it recharges. Never be without oxygen if you have a convenient wall outlet or car, van, or truck.

We have lots more ideas to help you save. Just contact us by e-mail at, visit our website at,, or call us toll free at 888-327-7301.

* Please note these warranty products are extensions of the OxyGo standard warranties (i.e., the OxyGo POC standard warranty included with the product is three (3) years excluding the sieve beds and battery, which are covered for one (1) year. The five year warranty extends the standard warranty by 2 years for a total of five years, etc.).

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