What is the DOT Rule on Carts and Racks?

It can be very hard to pin down who said what, and exactly what is required! With so many agencies out there, and so many rules and regulations, it’s hard to keep track of them all. However, all of the DOT (Department of Transportation) law is contained in the federal law, called the CFR (code of federal regulations), in title 49. This post will cover a portion of the US DOT law applicable to our industry.

All oxygen delivery drivers must comply with the US DOT. The US DOT has jurisdiction over anyone who transports hazardous material in commerce. In our industry, medical oxygen (a hazardous material) is delivered (i.e. sold, which is commerce), so the US DOT has jurisdiction over any HME or DME that sells and delivers any amount of oxygen. (This jurisdiction is found in 49 CFR 171.1)

The DOT dictates that all gases (class 2 materials) when transported be “securely restrained in an upright or horizontal position, loaded in racks or packed in boxes or crates to prevent the cylinders from being shifted, overturned or ejected from the vehicle under normal transportation conditions.” (from 49 CFR 177.840(b)) 

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