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May 05, 2016


Westlake, OH. OxyHome, a sister product to OxyGo®, a leading supplier of portable oxygen concentrators (POC), has introduced a new stationary oxygen concentrator (SOC), OxyHome™ 10 by Nuvo.

“This new concentrator bridges the gap between POC’s and large bulky oxygen tanks that take up way too much space and require needless servicing expense," said Kevin Smith, OxyGo and OxyHome Director of Business Development. “This SOC makes many of those older, bulkier tanks look like oxygen dinosaurs,” Smith added.

Smith cites four key advantages of the new OxyHome stationary concentrator:

  • It provides DME’s with big savings by eliminating costly gas or liquid oxygen deliveries to high flow patients.
  • 10 lpm/20 psi oxygen delivery enables use of standard accessories and long tubing runs with no restriction of flow. OxyHome delivers 20 psi at 10 liters per minute—which can allow patients to attach accessories down line without losing liters. In comparison, most concentrators lose flow at 10 liters per minute, when a long hose or an accessory is placed down the line. OxyHome’s 20 psi ensures that patients get a full 10 liters, no matter what equipment is run off of OxyHome. This is extremely important for very sick patients who need a continuous high flow of oxygen.
  • Addresses special applications such as the use of approved jet nebulizers, venti masks and nebulization with oxygen with oxygen, for both in-home-care and acute care environments.
  • Double capacity to 20 lpm/20 psi is available by combining two OxyHome 10 units with a Y connector.

OxyHome and OxyGo are marketed by Applied, Inc., Westlake, OH, a well-known manufacturer of oxygen equipment to home healthcare providers.

Kevin Smith, Director of Business Development • 440.788.4109 •

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