Make Money In The DME Market

Feb 27, 2015

Use Applied's NEW non-delivery model by vastly reducing the number of cylinder deliveries reducing your cost by 50% or more.

Everyone knows that the DME market has become more challenging over the last several years with reimbursement reductions, competitive bidding being implemented, increased audits and regulations by regulatory agencies, along with other factors such as nationwide recession. These factors have made it more difficult to remain profitable for many DME companies. The following are some suggestions that can help you save money.

1. Consider refilling your own oxygen cylinders.

By investing in a transfilling system you can then purchase oxygen in bulk from a supplier rather than having the supplier fill all your individual cylinders. This can usually provide you with at least a 50% cost savings and often can be as much as a 100% reduction in your cost of oxygen. You also won't need as many cylinders as part of your inventory. There are many transaction cost savings that can be gained when transfilling.

2. Provide patients with conservers.

Conservers can help oxygen supplies last up to 50% longer versus using traditional regulators on oxygen set-ups. This longer usage per cylidner can help reduce delivery frequency which will ultimately save money. Click here to check out our conservers.  

3. Keep up with regulatory requirements.

Rules and regulations that affect DME businesses are important to follow. By keeping up with all requirements you will promote safety for your employees and patients. It is much less expensive, although it requires diligent hard work, to stay on top of regulations and remain compliant rather than reacting to a situation that may arise from a negative inspection. By setting up and following proper company procedures and reinforcing the proper requirements through continual training of employees will keep you in good regulatory standing. 

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