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Jun 02, 2022



Are you and your employees meeting annual training requirements?

The FDA requires that training be completed “on a frequent and continuing basis.” This has been interpreted to mean twice a year. This training must be completed by anyone who can affect the purity of the oxygen. Personnel training in Current Good Manufacturing Processes is required by law (21 CFR 211.25). Some examples of those that must complete FDA training include fillers, drivers, quality control unit, and warehouse personnel.

The DOT requires that training be done at least every three years, and within 90 days of the start of employment for new employees. Drivers, loaders, and people in charge of storage of oxygen cylinders for ANY amount of oxygen delivered (1 cylinder to over 1,001lbs), must successfully complete DOT training. This training touches on three areas which include Job Specific Training, HazMat Security Awareness Training and HazMat Safety Training. Training needs to be completed in each area in order for an employee to be considered DOT compliant.

Applied offers easy access to on-demand online training, live stream and in-person seminars, along with on-site training options.

Live Training Schedule 2022

This program has been approved for 5.75 contact hours (CRCE) credit by the American Association for Respiratory Care, 9425 N. MacArthur Blvd. Ste 100 Irving TX 75063.





Wed, August 24, 2022

Cleveland, OH

FDA, DOT Accreditation Seminar


Thu, September 8, 2022

Philadelphia, PA

FDA, DOT Accreditation Seminar


Thu, November 10, 2022

Online / Web

FDA, DOT Accreditation Seminar

Live stream (online)

*Dates and locations subject to change.

On-Demand Classes & Subscriptions




What Training?


"on a frequent and continuing basis." This has been interpreted to mean twice a year.

For Fillers:

Anyone who can effect the purity of the oxygen. For example: Fillers, Driver, Quality Control Unit, Warehouse Personnel

Choose any of the following to meet FDA Training requirements. Take any 2 of the following throughout the year.

Online Classes:

  1. Filling 101*
  2. Oxygen 101*
  3. FDA Audits Seminar
  4. Servomex 5200 Online Course *
  5. Liquid 101*
  6. Batch Production Records
  7. Oxygen Competency
  8. Servomex 575/572/570A
  9. OF-1500 Gas to Gas
  10. OF-1550 Liquid to Gas

* Classes are bundled together in our OF-5000F subscription course.


At least every 3 years, and within 90 days of start of employment for new employees.

For Fillers & Providers:

All drivers, loaders, people in charge of oxygen cylinders for ANY amount of oxygen delivered. (1 cylinder to over 1,001lbs)

Online Classes:

Classes All 3 required:

  1.  Oxygen 101
  2.  Delivery 101
  3.  Hazmat Security Awareness

Or, purchase a subscription to all three online with OF-5000D


Annually, or according to your accrediting body. 

For Fillers & Providers: 

Anyone who would talk to or come in contact with a patient. 

Oxygen 101


Oxygen Competency

Please Note: On-demand courses are not eligible for continuing education credit hours.

Questions? Contact us at or call 888-327-7301.


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