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Competitive Bidding - Are you ready?

By Laura Frederick
July 15, 2019 Category: Business, General, Industry News, Regulatory Compliance

With the Medicare Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Supplies (DMEPOS) Competitive Bidding Program competitive bid window opening July 16, its time to make sure youre on track to submit your bids before the bid window closes September 18. HomeCare asked Cara Bachenheimer, who chairs the government affairs practice at Brown Fortunato, to share the basics before Round 2021.

OxyGo Announces Addition of CFO Louis Buchino

By Brittany Fichter
June 24, 2019 Category: Business, OxyGo, Industry News, General

Westlake, OH (June 25, 2019) OxyGo, a company noted for providing high quality home healthcare oxygen products, announced that it has unanimously chosen Louis Buchino as the organizations next chief financial officer. On May 15, 2019 Buchino became the first CFO for OxyGo adding financial acumen to the executive team. I am excited to have Louis join us at OxyGo. He will make an immediate impact here, adding expertise, energy and efficiency to our already highly skilled team, says Victoria Marquard-Schultz, CEO of OxyGo. After working for two regional public accounting firms, Buchino obtained his MBA through Case Western Reserve and began working in private industry. His experience includes CFO and General Manager positions within the IT, Aerospace, and Energy industries. Im thrilled to have joined the OxyGo team. Ownerships commitment to providing resources supporting their strategy for continued growth within the healthcare industry is laying the foundation for ongoing success.The

Use Carriers, Bags or Carts When Handling Cylinders

By Kristen Cifranic
August 05, 2015 Category: Business, Equipment

To prevent cylinders from being damaged, use carriers, bags, or carts when handling and moving cylinders, particularly multiple cylinders. Do not try to carry a large number of cylinders under your arms. One wrong move or trip can result in the cylinders being dropped and potentially damaged.

Business Minefields To Avoid

By Kristen Cifranic
May 12, 2015 Category: Business

Planning always starts with determining who and what you are, not who or what you wish you were. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Capitalize or develop your strengths and address your weaknesses, it is always the first step in your plan.

Investing in your brand is often the best investment you can make!

By Kristen Cifranic
March 18, 2015 Category: Business, Oxygen, Equipment

How can you ensure you are earning that valuable referral? The obvious one is to deliver exceptional service so that the customer will be willing to recommend you. However, it’s

Make Money In The DME Market

By Kristen Cifranic
February 27, 2015 Category: Business, Oxygen, Regulatory Compliance

Use Applieds NEW non-delivery model by vastly reducing the number of cylinder deliveries reducing your cost by 50% or more. Everyone knows that the DME market has become more challenging over the last several years with reimbursement reductions, competitive bidding being implemented, increased audits and regulations by regulatory agencies, along with other factors such as nationwide recession. These factors have made it more difficult to remain profitable for many DME companies. The following are some suggestions that can help you save money. 1. Consider refilling your own oxygen cylinders. By investing in a transfilling system you can then purchase oxygen in bulk from a supplier rather than having the supplier fill all your individual cylinders. This can usually provide you with at least a 50% cost savings and often can be as much as a 100% reduction in your cost of oxygen. You also wont need as many cylinders as part of your inventory. There are many transaction cost savings that

Make money despite competitive bidding

By Kristen Cifranic
January 22, 2014 Category: Business, Oxygen, Regulatory Compliance

Ways for DMEs and HMEs to provide excellent patient care and still make a profit during competitive bidding..

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