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Author: Victoria Marquard-Schultz

An Important Message Regarding COVID-19

By Victoria Marquard-Schultz
March 13, 2020 Category: OxyGo, Industry News, Oxygen

To our OxyGo Community: Breath, health and perseverance is the heart of what we do at OxyGo. Our mission is to keep providers and their patients going in the face of a life altering oxygen diagnosis. Now, as COVID-19 has entered North America, we at OxyGo are prepared to help our providers serve and protect the most vulnerable to this respiratory disease. The situation is evolving rapidly, and we update our processes to meet the best standards as they develop. Here are some things we at OxyGo are doing currently to ensure your business and patients remain healthy: All OxyGo locations will remain open to manufacture, ship and service product at this time. We have increased production and can ship OxyGo product same day. All OxyGo units are cleaned and disinfected prior to shipment, including warranty, non-warranty repairs and loaners. Our OxyGo associates have always followed our internal good hygiene process, and we are following CDC and WHO guidelines for health and wellness for COVID-19. On


By Victoria Marquard-Schultz
May 20, 2015 Category: OxyGo

Keep Going. Quiet, wearable all day (and night!) oxygen for patients up to 1050 ml/min. Whether they are out on the town or home with familypatients can always have their oxygen with them. Restoring freedom and control of their day is a big part of what makes the OxyGo so special. Patients can power an OxyGo by plugging it into a wall outlet, DC outlet in their car, or for hours at a time with each rechargeable battery. Weighing in at less than 5 pounds, and with an extraordinary battery life of 9 hours, the OxyGo is completely wearable. OxyGo can be used around the clock, even while you sleep.View our clinical studies that indicate OxyGo can be used at night here. And now, due to our our confidence in the reliability and quality of our 5-setting OxyGo POC, we have extended our warranty from three years to five.* All the more reason to choose OxyGo for your POC needs. OxyGo Comparison Chart Lower Costs and Increase Sales Reduce delivery costs by up to 38% with our Smart Delivery

What is NPT?

By Victoria Marquard-Schultz
June 11, 2014 Category: General

the different between 1/2\\\\\" and 1/4\\\\\" NPT for medical oxygen industry

Updated 2014 Applied Regional Seminars FAQ

By Victoria Marquard-Schultz
February 27, 2014 Category: General

Applied has created a full day seminar covering how to handle, transport and fill oxygen- as well as other accreditation topics to help home care providers keep up with changing regulatory and technical information.

Applied Training FAQs

By Victoria Marquard-Schultz
January 15, 2014 Category: General

Applied Training Frequently Asked Questions for online classes, training workbooks and live seminars.

Applieds Live Regional Seminar FAQs

By Victoria Marquard-Schultz
January 13, 2014 Category: General

Frequently asked questions about Applied\'s Live Regional Seminars, including why they are needed, who should take them, what they cover and more!

Oxygen Drug Product Label FAQ

By Victoria Marquard-Schultz
December 30, 2013 Category: Equipment, Regulatory Compliance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on new OSHA requirements for GHS compliance for Medical Oxygen USP labels, both liquid and compressed gas oxygen.

Free Sample Of American Made CPAP Tubing

By Victoria Marquard-Schultz
November 20, 2013 Category: General

Free Sample of American Made CPAP tubing! Applieds CPAP tubing is affordable, FDA compliant and made in the USA


By Victoria Marquard-Schultz
November 18, 2013 Category: Oxygen Safety

OxySafe FAQ: Including How to Clean OxySafe, OxySafe Use With A Humidifier, OxySafe Replacement and OxySafe and Pooling.

Its in the Bag! Patient Cylinder Bags

By Victoria Marquard-Schultz
September 23, 2013 Category: Equipment, Business

Review of Patient oxygen cylinder bags for M6 cylinders, D and and Helios liquid portable unit bags.

How to Stop Patient Cannula Fires

By Victoria Marquard-Schultz
September 23, 2013 Category: Oxygen Safety, Oxygen, Equipment

How OxySafe Firebreak stops a patient oxygen cannula fire. OxySafe is the same device as a FireSafe.

Training Time!

By Victoria Marquard-Schultz
September 23, 2013 Category: Training Education, Regulatory Compliance

When oxygen providers need training for their employees, what training and how often.

New GHS Oxygen Label and Training Requirements from OSHA

By Victoria Marquard-Schultz
September 20, 2013 Category: Training Education, Regulatory Compliance, Equipment

New GHS Oxygen Label and Training Requirements from OSHA

Are You Calibrated?

By Victoria Marquard-Schultz
September 20, 2013 Category: Equipment, Regulatory Compliance

FDA requirements for calibrating and maintaining transfilling equipment.

What Cleaner Should I Use For My DME?

By Victoria Marquard-Schultz
September 18, 2013 Category: General

What Cleaner to Use for Oxygen Durable Medical Equipment and Medical Oxygen Cylinders

Shipping Papers: Do you have them and do you use the new 2013 format?

By Victoria Marquard-Schultz
August 20, 2013 Category: Regulatory Compliance

How Oxygen Providers should use Shipping Papers, Hazmat Manifest or Oxygen Manifest in delivering oxygen.

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