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What is NPT?

June 11, 2014 by Victoria Marquard

National Pipe Thread Taper (NPT) is a U.S. standard for tapered threads used on threaded pipes and fittings. In contrast to straight threads that are found on a bolt, a taper thread will pull tight and therefore make a fluid-tightseal. The typical sizes you will see in medical oxygen filling are 1/4 and 1/2 NPT. (The 1/4 and 1/2 names do not actually refer to the NPT sizing, but instead the names come from the pipe size that was originally used in the plumbing industry.) To determine what size you need, check out the table below. NPT Outer Diameter Threads Per Inch Use in Medical Oxygen Industry 1/4 .540 18 With Pigtails 1/2 .840 14 On Manifolds

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Introducing Applied Care Plus

April 11, 2014 by Kristen Cifranic

Applied Home Healthcare Equipment Introduces Applied Care Plus! With Applied Care Plus you get unlimited phone access to our technical experts, free calibrated equipment, free replacement parts* and deep discounts for on-site visits, major repairs and more!** Applied Care Plus Service Contract Includes: Replacement Calibrated Digital Thermometerautomaticallydelivered. Replacement Calibrated High Pressure Gaugesautomaticallydelivered Replacement Calibrated Vacuum Gaugesautomaticallydelivered Replacement Top Pump Seals, vacuum pump filter, cryo valves, rollers, lubricants and more (as necessary) Discount on non-wear replacement parts Yearly Site Visit Discount Service Call Preference Unlimited Service Calls *After speaking with our service tech, needed replacement parts will be sent to you free of charge, freight not included. **Site visits discounted by 50%, other repair parts 10%. FAQ Why has Applied unveiled the new Applied Care Plus Program? Simple: because

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Updated 2014 Applied Regional Seminars FAQ

February 27, 2014 by Victoria Marquard

Theres a lot going on with oxygen: Its a drug, its a hazardous material, accreditation has rules, the government has rules and its impossible to keep them all straight! Applieds experts have created a full day seminar covering how to handle, transport and fill oxygen- as well as other accreditation topics to help home care providers keep up with changing regulatory and technical information. Applieds all new 2014 FDA, DOT, OSHA Accreditation Seminar covers everything you need to meet oxygen training requirements: 1. Oxygen Safety (Accreditation OSHA, FDA DOT required) Properties of Oxygen Oxygen Safe Handling Cylinder Safe Handling 2. Delivery (DOT Accreditation Required) Job Specific Training HazMat Security Awareness Training HazMat Safety Training Shipping Papers Using the NAERG 3. FDA cGMP Training (FDA Accreditation Required) Registration Paperwork Required Forms New Labeling Requirements Filling Procedures Inspections 4. OSHA NEW labeling requirements and

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Applied Training FAQs

January 15, 2014 by Victoria Marquard

Who Needs Training and When? The FDA requires training on a frequent and continuing basis, usually interpreted to be about twice a year. The Quality Control Unit, and all Oxygen Transfilling Personnel should have proper FDA training for their jobs. Drivers need training as a requirement for FDA if they fill from a transfill system or if they fill liquid to liquid curbside. The DOT requires drivers to have training at least every 3 years, and within 90 days of employment for new employees. What Training Does Each Employee Need? Click here for a break down of by personnel. What Training Do You Offer? We offer Oxygen Safety Training, FDA cGMP Training, DOT HazMat Training and OSHA Training. Applieds experts have over 50 years of compressed gas experience. How Can I Get Training? Applied offers online classes, live seminars, traditional training workbooks and tools for in house trainers. How Often Do I Need Training? FDA requires training on a continuing and frequent basis, which

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Applieds Live Regional Seminar FAQs

January 13, 2014 by Victoria Marquard

Why is this Seminar Required? Applieds live regional seminar covers topics of training that are required by Accreditation agencies, the US Department of Transportation and the US Food and Drug Administration. Each agency has certain topics that are required to be studied at certain intervals, and this seminar is designed to meet those requirements. Who Should Take This Seminar? We recommend that managers, quality control personnel, supervisors, compliance personnel, fillers and delivery drivers. What is Covered in the Seminar? * Oxygen Safety * Oxygen Handling * DOT Driver Requirements * DOT Vehicle Requirements * Required HazMat Safety Awareness Training * How to Follow cGMP to Fill Oxygen * What To Do If You Are Under Inspection * How to Fill Out Required Paperwork I Am Not A Filler, Is This Seminar For Me? Yes! The seminar covers accreditation and DOT requirements, and the FDA portion will help you understand your suppliers oxygen requirements better. How Long

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Maintaining Your Oxygen Equipment: 3 Easy Steps

November 20, 2013 by Kristen Ci

Maintaining Your Oxygen Equipment: 3 Easy Steps FDA guidance requires that filling equipment be calibrated at specific intervals, depending on the type of equipment. Dont forget you need to document all calibration! DAILY Each Fill Day, youll need to calibrate your paramagnetic analyzer. The paramagnetic analyzer (such as the popular Servomex) is NOT the same as a handheld analyzer. It is a sophisticated analyzer that can gauge the purity of your oxygen drug product, and is a required step in filling gas cylinders. You should calibrate your analyzer with special oxygen and nitrogen created for this purpose, and that comes with a valid COA (Certificate of Analysis). Click here to see our calibration gases. ANNUALLY Your filling equipment is used in the manufacture of a drug product, and must be maintained according to the manufacturers standards, or FDA requirements. Heres what we recommend for some essential filling equipment. Gauges and Thermometers Vacuum and High Pressure

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Free Sample Of American Made CPAP Tubing

November 20, 2013 by Victoria Marquard

Made in USA FDA Compliant! Applieds CPAP tubing is made from materials that comply with FDA specifications 21 CFR 177.1520 and 21 CFR 177.1210. All tubing is constructed from materials that comply with ISO 10993/FDA standards for cytotoxicity and biocompatibility. Our tubing is manufactured in a FDA compliant facility, fromlatex free, all virgin raw materials and is made in the USA. Applied Standard 6ft CPAP Tubing Sign up for a free sample! Applied CPAP tubing has soft 22mm cuffs so its easy for patients to slide on to their devices, flexible 19mm tubing and is light weight to keep from pulling on masks during sleep. Also Available in Ergonomic Tubing Applied Ergonomic tubing is a lightweight medical tubing for CPAP and respiratory therapy. It has exceptional strength with a smooth interior and corrugated exterior that allows for quiet, kink free operation. Slimline Tubing Applieds Slimline tubing is designed with a popular Ergonomic Cuff design. Slimline

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Are you correctly using lot stickers?

November 06, 2013 by Kristen Ci

According to the CGMPs, each manifold filling sequence, each uninterrupted filling sequence, every cryogenic vessel filled, and each storage tank following a delivery is considered a new lot and is required to be assigned a new lot number. For firms filling liquid oxygen for delivery to home patients, each of the large cryogenic vessels or dewars either portable or permanently mounted in a van or a truck are required to be assigned a unique lot number. The assigning of a single lot number for an entire days production is not acceptable. A manufacturing operation, such as the filling of high pressure cylinders on a multi-outlet manifold, is governed by a set of manufacturing procedures or conditions. When these procedures are performed from the beginning to the end of a process they provide assurance that the batch is uniform and consistent. As such, each batch is in itself a separate entity with its filling operations unique to that filling sequence. At the present time, cryogenic

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Who needs training?

September 25, 2013 by Kristen Ci

In any manufacturing operation involving human manipulation there are hazards which may be created by preoccupation, mental lapse, carelessness and the like. Therefore, all on-the-job and CGMP training should be revisited at frequent intervals and needs to be conducted by qualified individuals. A firm is expected to establish detailed written procedures (training program) outlining the specific areas of the firms operation to be covered. On-the-job training is acceptable, as long as the training is conducted by a qualified individual on a frequent basis. Any employee involved in the manufacturing, filling, processing, handling, holding, or shipping of a medical drug is required to be trained both on-the-job and in the current good manufacturing practices. This would include all delivery and/or truck drivers who deliver medical drug products. The lack of CGMP training is one of the most overlooked areas observed at most medical gas firms. CGMP training should be conducted by qualified

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What Cleaner Should I Use For My DME?

September 18, 2013 by Victoria Marquard-Schultz

Oxygen Equipment Oxygen equipment, such as regulators, conservers and filling equipment, should be cleaned with the unique properties of oxygen in mind. Any surface that comes into direct contact with oxygen (called the wetted surface), such as a cylinder valve opening, must be cleaned for oxygen service according to CGA standard G 4.1. This is to make sure that there is not particles left behind that could catch fire when oxygen and heat are introduced. Concentrators When cleaning concentrators, you should be mindful of using a cleaner or chemical that is oxygen compatible. While you wont need to clean to oxygen service (unless you are cleaning the concentrator barb inlet), the cleaner you use should leave no residue behind. The best part about this cleaner, is that it is not just for concentrators! Its great for beds, wheelchairs and more! Tough Dirt and Label Residue Adhesive and grime can be tough to scrub off cylinders... but be careful- cylinders have special

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