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Are you meeting required training?

By Carmella Arroyo
May 07, 2021 Category: Required Training, FDA, DOT, HME, DME, Training, Medical Oxygen

Are you and your employees meeting required training requirements?

Are you using the right disinfectant?

By Carmella Arroyo
April 08, 2021 Category: Disinfectant, Covid 19, Medical Oxygen, Infection Control, Compressed Gas

Most popular disinfectants and other infection control products may contain ammonia and other harmful chemicals banned by the CGA for use.

What is OxySafe?

By Carmella Arroyo
April 07, 2021 Category: Oxysafe, Thermal Shut Off Device, Oxygen Safety, Medical Oxygen, DME, HME

OxySafe is a thermal fuse designed to stop the flow of gas in the event that the downstream cannula or supply tube is ignited, and will meet VA, ISO and other regulatory requirements.

Maintaining Your Oxygen Equipment

By Carmella Arroyo
March 30, 2021 Category: Oxygen Equipment, Servomex, Calibration, Regulators, Pigtails, Gauges, Medical Oxygen

FDA guidance requires that filling equipment be calibrated at specific intervals, depending on the type of equipment. Don't forget you need to document all calibration!

Cylinder Requalification Policy Update

By Carmella Arroyo

Did you know the US Department of Transportation recently announced an update to the cylinder requalification policy update due to the emergency response of COVID-19 and will be valid for the entirety of the emergency declaration?

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